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Earlier, it was reported in May that NYDIG had announced the sale of NYDIG Bitcoin Income Enhancement Fund LP, an unknown bitcoin fund, for nearly $140 million. If NYDIG's Bitcoin Income Enhancement Fund LP fund is an alternative financial instrument, NYDIG has quietly become one of the largest Bitcoin institutional investors in the United States, with a total of $330 million. According to today's documents, NYDIG's Bitcoin Fund LP was first sold on October 26, 2018, while NYDIG Bitcoin Income Enhancement Fund LP was sold a week before it closed. Currently, the third Bitcoin Futures Fund Bitcoin Strategy Fund is listed on the StoneRidge website under the stock code BTCNX. Notably, it was revealed that NYDIG's early investment project, the Bitcoin Strategy Fund, was consulted by Stone Ridge Asset Management. (Reuters.

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Transaction information should be signed offline using offline Bieber wallets or Bitcoin Core or Electrum. The Bitcoin transfer can be completed by returning the signed message to an online wallet or online broadcasting tool and broadcasting it to the outside world.

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The problem was not fixed. So he had to contact Electrum to highlight the urgency of the issue, and Electrum released Emergency Response Version 3.0.4 a few hours later.

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In addition, small partners who have used Electrum wallets should be aware that with Thecret phrase generated by Electrum, we can recover bitcoin keys on any browser using the Bitcoin Wallet web tool. And Electrum is so secure that there is no evidence that the distributed attack prevention system designed by Dark Wallet will be due to Electrum.

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Young told reporters that while the vulnerability may not sound so serious, most users are not easily tricked into connecting to an attacker's MySQL server. In fact, however, many Web servers have exposed database management interfaces that allow an attacker to initiate a connection to any server. "Website administrators must be aware that these pages, even if not associated with other content, can be discovered and abused by attackers," he said.

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Qtum Electrum is a Qtum desktop light wallet modified from the well-known Bitcoin wallet Electrum. Compared to the current Qtum Core full-node wallet, Qtum Electrum takes up less disk space and takes less time to synchronize chunks, supports multi-signature and hardware wallets, supports cold wallet mode, supports the import of mnomes into mobile wallets, and uses SPV authentication to ensure security.