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Bitcoin desktop wallet client Electrum has released a 4.0 beta version, adding several important updates, including support for the Lightning network, nearly a year after the previous version of Electrum, 3.3.8 (last July). In the 4.0 beta version, Electrum mainly added features such as PSBT (partially signed Bitcoin transactions), Lightning Network, watchtowers (暸 watchtowers) and Submarineswaps (subliminal switching). (Github)

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At the time of writing, at least 1,450 BTCs worth about $11.6 million had been stolen from phishing attacks that faked Electrum upgrade tips. DeViable Security Labs hereby suggests that versions of Electrum below 3.3.4 are vulnerable to such phishing attacks, and users using Electrum Wallet are requested to update to the latest version of Electrum 3.3.8 via the official website (, which has not yet been officially released, and do not use the link in the prompt to avoid asset losses.

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The Bitcoin desktop wallet client Electrum has released a beta version 4.0, which adds support for several important updates such as the Lightning Network. This version is nearly a year away from the previous version of Electrum 3.3.8 (July last year)

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Digital wallet developer Electrum has released an emergency patch saying it found a vulnerability that could lead any website hosting Electrum to steal a user's digital currency, exposing passwords to the JOHNSONRPC interface and ingelling hackers full control of the wallet. Earlier, Electrum released the first patch, but it didn't seem to solve the problem, and they released a second update urgently Sunday night local time.

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The internet's first killer app was Email, which allows information to be transmitted quickly, and Paymail, now designed and developed by nchain, moneybutton, Handcash, Centbee and ElectrumSV, is free to use on any application on BSV, allowing money to flow globally as cheaply and efficiently as sending and receiving mail, and Paymail is a new Bitcoin identity protocol that hashed Bitcoin's long address. Get a mail format for paymail, where Moneybutton is the first Paymail app.

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Reddit user u/normal_rc: 'The attacker set up a lot of malicious servers. Once a user's Electrum wallet is connected to these servers, they see what appears to be an official message when sending bitcoin transactions, telling them to upgrade the Electrum wallet, which actually contains a fraudulent URL.