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Researchers at the popular Bitcoin wallet app Electrum have uncovered a malicious shanzhai act aimed at stealing seed keys. The suspicious shanzhai wallet, called Electrum Pro, appeared online in March and has been labeled malware since.

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A good analogy is that the source onion route is like a Tor connection that reaches its destination through the Tor exit node, while the rendez-vous onion route is like a Tor connection to the Tor hidden service.

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It matters whats we use to think other matters with; it matters whats we tell to other stories with; It matters what knots knots knots, what what think thinks, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters whats make worlds, what worlds make stories.

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Qtum Electrum is a Qtum desktop light wallet modified from the well-known Bitcoin wallet Electrum. Compared to the current Qtum Core full-node wallet, Qtum Electrum takes up less disk space and takes less time to synchronize chunks, supports multi-signature and hardware wallets, supports cold wallet mode, supports the import of mnomes into mobile wallets, and uses SPV authentication to ensure security.

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Chain News, lightweight Bitcoin Wallet Electrum announced that the next version will support Lightning network payment, implemented using Python, Electrum as a Lightning network node, wallet users do not need to run lightning network nodes to make payments, electrum lightning network nodes have been merged into the Electrum master branch.

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By default, electrum wallets are randomly connected to a set of Electrum servers. From a privacy perspective, this is not a good thing because it discloses your wallet address and balance to unknown third parties. And unfortunately, many public Electrum servers are run by individuals or groups of blockchain analytics companies or worse. Therefore, if you are using an Electrum wallet, it is generally recommended that you run your own Electrum server and then connect the wallet to that server.

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JoinMarket can interact with a Bitcoin Core full node to get the history of your wallet in a private way. You can also choose how to use the Electrum server, but you do not encourage regular users to use it. There are also plans to replace the Electrum interface with one that uses client block filtering.