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The Electrum team has announced the attack in an official tweet, saying that "this is an ongoing phishing attack on Electrum users" and reminding them to check the authenticity of the client's source before logging in. The team published its official website, and the Electrum clients downloaded elsewhere may be problematic.

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To use mnomets to transfer addresses from electrum wallets to web wallets, you need to set Electrum to be compatible with Qtum phone mnomets in the initial installation (and then use phone wallet mnomets to restore phone wallets on Electrum). This setting is screenshot of the Electrum configuration.

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In December 2018, Slow Fog first discovered and alerted an attacker to a messaging flaw using the Electrum wallet client, forcing an "update prompt" to pop up when a user transfers money, inducing the user to update and download the malware, which in turn commits a currency theft attack. Although electrum officials said in early 2019 that some security mechanisms would be in place to prevent this "update phishing", many users of Electrum are still in the old version (less than 3.3.4) and the old version is still under threat. However, we do not rule out a similar threat to the new version.

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When Electrum wallets are synchronized with malicious servers, they are instructed to "update" clients provided by hackers, resulting in the loss of assets contained in older versions. Previously, in December 2018, Electrum.