Bitcoin Future: what does a master private key look like electrum

what does a master private key look like electrum, what does electrum look like

Multi-level account system. Master private key, active private key and change permissions constitute a multi-level separate account system, account loss can be recovered using the master private key, and change rights similar to fast payment, convenient operation of small funds, while ensuring that the master private key will not be disclosed. YOYOW in the blockchain to achieve the centralization of technology to achieve the scheme.

what does a master private key look like electrum, what electrum

According to Bleeping Computer, the Bitcoin wallet app Electrom was on GitHub on May 9th, accusing a phishing product called Electrum Pro of stealing a user's seed key and registering a domain name called electrum without Electrum's permission. The Electrum team noted that there was a piece of code indicating that the counterfeit product might have taken the user's seed key and uploaded it to the electrum. Affected users should transfer funds from Bitcoin URLs managed by Eletrum Pro.

what does a master private key look like electrum, private key electrum

The problem of keeping the private key of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has always been an Achilles heel in the field of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin only recognizes the private key does not recognize people, grasps the private key to master the wealth, loses the private key loses everything.

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Bitcoin desktop wallet client Electrum has released a 4.0 beta version, adding several important updates, including support for the Lightning network, nearly a year after the previous version of Electrum, 3.3.8 (last July). In the 4.0 beta version, Electrum mainly added features such as PSBT (partially signed Bitcoin transactions), Lightning Network, watchtowers (暸 watchtowers) and Submarineswaps (subliminal switching). (Github.

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As of press time, phishing attacks that forged Electrum upgrade notifications have stolen at least 1,450 BTC (the number stolen is officially counted by a user, anti-malware companies Malwarebytes and Electrum), with a total value of approximately $11.6 million. It is worth mentioning that Electrum versions lower than 3.3.4 are vulnerable to such phishing attacks. Users who use Electrum wallets should update to the latest version Electrum 3.3.8 through the official website ( At present, v4.0.0 has not been officially released. Version, please do not use the link in the prompt message to update, so as to avoid loss of assets