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There are a wide variety of wallets, including Ethereum wallets, Bitcoin wallets, EOS wallets, and other types of virtual currency wallets. In our course is to develop the most frequently used wallet - Ethereum wallet, in the blogger's home page can also find Bitcoin wallet, EOS wallet development and other wallet development courses. This course, 24 Hours Play MyEtherWallet Wallet Development, is divided into two parts, the first part (chapter 1 to chapter 4): familiar with MyEtherWallet wallet and understand the Ethereum wallet theory;

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Clearly, Mist Wallet is the solution of choice for new and experienced Ethereum users. Although it can sometimes take a while to synchronize with the blockchain, a similar situation can occur the first time you use a Bitcoin wallet. In addition, one of the powerful features of Mist Wallet is the convenient solution to the wallet problem of Ethereum classic users.

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Founded by Ethereum co-founder Anthony, Jaxx Wallet is the world's first multi-platform-supported Ethereum and Bitcoin Light Wallet with more than 2 million users worldwide.

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Bitcoin Gold has released the official Light Wallet ElectrumG 3.2.1, which supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop systems. ElectrumG is the most widely used bitcoin light wallet, the bit gold version of Electrum, without losing security or downloading all 170G block data.

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The weakness of the wallet app, the Electrum wallet network can join the server, which can apply pop-up warning messages to the wallet. The attack began on December 21 at GitHub.