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The Electrum development team also warned them that they had nothing to do with a project called Electrum Dark: they used our name without our permission. Be careful with the altcoin version of Electrum, as they are sometimes used as vectors to install malware against your real Bitcoin wallet.

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Bitcoin Wallet Electrum has released a beta version of Electrum 4.0, which supports the Lightning Network.

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Qtum Electrum is a Qtum desktop light wallet modified from the well-known Bitcoin wallet Electrum. Compared to the current Qtum Core full-node wallet, Qtum Electrum takes up less disk space and takes less time to synchronize chunks, supports multi-signature and hardware wallets, supports cold wallet mode, supports the import of mnomes into mobile wallets, and uses SPV authentication to ensure security.

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Om. Pro: OMProducer, also known as DataFeeder, a provider of Oracle data services, provides Oracle data services to reward the platform Token. Om. Pre: OMPresbyteria, a Presbyteria member, is an arbitration body of OracleMarket, and Presbyteria members are created in a decertified manner, based on the binary factors of reputation and mortgage Deposit. Om. Gua: OMGuardians, Guard, this is the role of maintainer of Oracle Market order, OM. Gua can initiate Challenge on all transactions in Oracle Maket and place them in the House of Elders for arbitration.