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Dynamic . . . Electrum wallet attacked nearly 250 bitcoins were stolen.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet.

According to GitHub, Bitcoin Desktop Wallet client Electrum has released a 4.0 beta version, adding several important updates that support lightning networks. Electrum primarily adds features such as PSBT (partially signed Bitcoin transactions), Lightning Network, watchtowers (暸 watchtowers), and Submarine Swaps (subliminal switching).

If someone's Electrum wallet is connected to one of these servers and tries to send a BTC transaction, they will see an official message telling them to update their Electrum wallet, as well as a scam URL.

message,signatureObject-String. Object: Sign a message or hash, or a signature object, as shown below.

Device found at address 0x49.

Device found at address 0x49.

To use mnomets to transfer addresses from electrum wallets to web wallets, you need to set Electrum to be compatible with Qtum phone mnomets in the initial installation (and then use phone wallet mnomets to restore phone wallets on Electrum). This setting is screenshot of the Electrum configuration.

First create a multi-sign account in the Electrum wallet, and normally a private key should be placed in a wallet. Here's a 2/3 multi-sign as an example. Suppose there are three accounts W1, W2, W3.

Users of MyEtherWallet and Electrum, previous cryptocurrencies wallets, are now facing phishing attacks.

Users of Bitcoin wallet Electrum are currently facing phishing attacks, according to the Devi Security Lab. Hackers broadcast messages to electrum clients through a malicious server, prompting the user to update to v4.0.0, and if the user is prompted to install this backdoor-carrying client, the private key is stolen and all digital assets are stolen. As of 13:00, at least 1450 BTCs worth approximately $11.6 million had been stolen from phishing attacks that forged Electrum upgrade tips. Devi Security Labs hereby suggests that versions of Electrum below 3.3.4 are vulnerable to such phishing attacks, and users using Electrum Wallet are requested to update to the latest version of Electrum3.3.8 via the official website (, which has not yet been officially released v4.0.0, and do not use the link in the prompt message to avoid asset losses.

For example, many exchanges generate a new deposit address for each trade. Typically, dealing with such a transaction requires the exchange to list the deposit address on the chain, and then the user transfers the pass to that address. By transferring down-chain data to an exchange, the exchange can sign a message authorizing investors to make deposits, and the transfer can also be considered valid through a contract, as an additional bonus, the deposit address can be automatically included in the exchange wallet for future trading.

To sign the message hashh, the signer selects the random integer k modulo n for each message to calculate.

In a less noticed sign, not long ago, Bank of China quietly launched a "blockchain e-wallet" that could be found in the App Store. Each registered user can be divided into a wallet address.

Electrum is a popular software wallet that works by connecting to a dedicated server. These servers receive a hash of the Bitcoin address in the wallet and reply with transaction information. Electrum wallets are fast and have few resources, but by default, it connects to these servers and can easily monitor users. In addition to Electrum, some other software uses public Electrum servers. By 2019, it is a faster and better alternative to BIP37.

By comparing the electrum-wallet with the official website downloaded by the electrum software, it was found that the software added code to steal a user's wallet and key and sent it back to sites such as Robert,,, which is still alive, proving that the attack is still ongoing.

sign message with electrum address not found

sign message with electrum address not found


The problem was not fixed. So he had to contact Electrum to highlight the urgency of the issue, and Electrum released Emergency Response Version 3.0.4 a few hours later.

According to the Dimensionality Reduction Security Lab, users of Bitcoin wallet Electrum are currently facing phishing attacks. The hacker broadcasts a message to the Electrum client through the malicious server, prompting the user to update to v4.0.0. If the user installs this "backdoor client" as prompted, the private key will be stolen, and all digital assets

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet is the safest wallet available today. Let's talk about it.

This update prompt is not an official act of Electrum, but a phishing attack by an attacker that exploits a message flaw on the Electrum client and the ElectrumX server, which requires the attacker to deploy the malicious ElectrumX server in advance, and the malicious server is localized by the user's Electrum client (because the Electrum client is a light wallet and the user needs the ElectrumX server to broadcast the transaction). At the time of the madness, malicious ElectrumX servers accounted for as many as 71% of the total, and according to incomplete statistics, hundreds of bitcoins have been stolen in this phishing attack over the past year or so.

Attached: We can leave a message under the long text, forward, leave mykey address. All three are indispensable. If only the message is not forwarded or no address is left, or the address is left wrong, it is considered to be automatically abandoned.

In fact, the orderHash thrown into the signature, whether or not to convert to bytes can be, the result will be the same. The result of the sign function backhaming contains the message, messageHash, and r s v three elliptic signature results. Where message is the original I want to sign the content (orderHash), messageHash is the program automatically help us to add prefix, and Sha3 Hash results, that is, the real was taken to sign with the private key of a hash value.

Reddit user u/normal_rc: 'The attacker set up a lot of malicious servers. Once a user's Electrum wallet is connected to these servers, they see what appears to be an official message when sending bitcoin transactions, telling them to upgrade the Electrum wallet, which actually contains a fraudulent URL.

In addition, Ivgi provides a plug-in that simplifies the process of setting up BWT with the Electrum client, and can also be used with other wallets that support the Electrum server protocol, such as Edge, Blue Wallet, Eclair Mobile, and Phoenix.

Light wallet Qtum Electrum.

Light wallet Qtum Electrum.

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum Wallet was hacked and lost 1,450 BTCs.

In the case of confirming that the wallet has the address private key, sign the message with the signmessage "address" "message" command, where the address is the address of the published asset, as shown in the red box, and the message is filled in with hellolava.

Bitcoin uses a very similar public key encryption process. However, Bitcoin allows you to sign a transaction, not a message.

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum confirms a phishing attack against its users, reminding them not to download Electrum Wallet software from any channel other than the official website. Earlier media reports said Electrum users had maliciously stolen millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Hackers create Electrum wallet software with malicious code, induce users to download, and trick users into providing login information such as passwords to commit theft.