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The market showed that spot gold quickly rose to close to 1,800 US dollars per ounce, reaching a maximum of 1,79.42 US dollars per ounce

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UBS on Monday raised its three-month gold target price from $1,380 to $1,430 an ounce, raising its end-2020 forecast to $1,450 an ounce from $1,350 an ounce and reaching $1,500 an ounce between 2021 and 2023.

Gold, on the other hand, has been strong so far in 2020. Gold, at $1,529 an ounce at the start of the year, surged to a high of $1,700 an ounce in early March before falling to a low of $1,491 an ounce in mid-March. Since then, gold has recovered to its current level of $1,675 an ounce, equivalent to a 9.5 per cent rise so far this year

Meanwhile, gold rose 0.8 per cent to $1,337.80 an ounce and silver rose 29 cents, or 1.7 per cent, to $16.55 an ounce as some investors took money out of stocks and sought safer investments.

Silver per ounce.

Silver per ounce.

Therefore, a good wallet can choose the fee to set. Electrum went a step further, leaving the choice of fees to the user. Users can choose between one Satoshi per byte and about 30 Satoshi per byte.

Just this week, Bloomberg predicted that the stable price of Bitcoin will be six times that of gold. It also believes that the price of gold will rise to $3,000 per ounce, which means that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $18,000.

Gold rose more than 1 per cent, or more than $15, to $1,345.4 an ounce on Monday, while silver closed up 1.53 per cent at $16.59 an ounce, helped by rekindled trade tensions and a sharp fall in U.S. stocks overnight.

At the time of writing, spot gold was trading at about $1,646 an ounce, up more than $50, or 3 per cent from its two-thirds closing price. Comex April gold futures rose $48.8 to $1,643.6 an ounce.

Gold began trading above $1,750 this week and is expected to reach $3,000 next year, according to Robert Kiyosaki, a poor father and author. Bank of America notes that the price of the precious metal is $2,000 per t-ounce.

International spot gold opened at $US1,284.45 an ounce on Monday (May 27) and is now on a modest rebound, up 0.16 per cent at $US1,286.63 an ounce

Another indicator of analyst confidence is the correlation between Bitcoin and gold, both of which have been increasing in recent years. Bloomberg also believes bitcoin's stable price will be six times the price of gold per ounce, bi-tweets reported. As gold prices recover, so will Bitcoin. (Than push)

Spot gold closed down 0.14 per cent at $US1,290.93 an ounce on Tuesday.

Electrum hackers pre-empted a large number of "normal" electrum servers on the P2P network.

The international value of the dollar has been identified as tied to gold after the Bretton Woods system: $35 per ounce of gold, so the Bretton Woods system is often referred to as the "gold exchange standard", i.e. "the dollar is as strong as gold", and the Bretton Woods system will remain as long as the price of gold is truly at $35 an ounce.

Spot gold fell more than $20, or more than 1 per cent, to $US1,675.76 an ounce, while spot silver fell more than $0.20 to $US14.92 an ounce, down more than 2 per cent. (Golden Ten)

Spot gold rose above $1710 an ounce, up 1.58 per cent in the day. Spot silver rose more than 1 percent to above $15 an ounce. Golden Ten.

Spot silver fell more than 1 per cent to $US18.058 an ounce, while spot gold fell 0.16 per cent to $US1,780.3 an ounce.

The agreement provides for an increase in the official price of gold from $35 to $38 per ounce, and a depreciation of the dollar against national currencies;

Bitcoin's explosive rise comes as gold hit its highest price since 2011 and hit an all-time high. Gold hit $1,944 an ounce on Monday, surpassing its 2011 performance and posting a 27 per cent gain so far this year. Silver also performed well, rising another 6 per cent and breaking last week's seven-year high of $24.21 an ounce.

Spot Golden Week on Thursday (December 12) from up to down, the lowest in the U.S. market to $1,464.59 an ounce, gold prices since the opening of a brief decline, then turned up, the in-day high of $1484.80 per ounce after diving, the reverse V trend, gold prices have fallen below the 1470 mark. Spot gold fell $US7.74, or 0.52 per cent, to $US1,466.52 an ounce at 23:16 BST

price of electrum per ounce

price of electrum per ounce

Gold rose all the way to $1,525 an ounce in Asia-Europe on Thursday, before rising sharply in the U.S., breaking through $1,530 an ounce at one point, its highest level since September 25, 2019, to $1,531.25 an ounce. Spot gold was up 0.77 per cent at $US1,528.90 an ounce by the close of trading, while silver was trading at $US18 an ounce, up 0.95 per cent. Spot platinum rose about 3 per cent at one point, just a step from the $1,000 mark. The dollar also rebounded, closing up 0.32 percent at 96.82.

Bloomberg said in its outlook for the crypto market this month that bitcoin's stable price would be six times the price of gold per ounce, according to media reports. Data from Skew show a record 68.9 per cent monthly correlation between the two assets

Rise to about 33.50 US dollars per ounce. That is 91% of the current price. Have

Rise to about 33.50 US dollars per ounce. That is 91% of the current price. Have

Spot silver fell more than 3% during the day and is now at 22.24 US dollars per ounce; spot gold fell below 1880 US dollars per ounce, and the intraday gain narrowed to 0.5%. (Golden Ten)

The spot price for gold on Wednesday was $1,580 an ounce, while gold was $1,786 an ounce and an ounce of gold bars was $1,729 an ounce, according to Bloomberg data.

Spot gold recovered above $1,890 an ounce, narrowing its in-day decline to 1 per cent, according to the market. Spot silver returns above $24.5 an ounce, narrows to less than 1%